Why Home Staging?

Buyer Turn Offs

When a potential Buyer is going through your home, these are some things that can instantly make them change their minds:

1. Clutter

2. Personalized Decor

3. Odors

4. Bad Lighting - make sure all

    lighting is same wattage 


5. Damage and stains - issue for

    potential expenses

Staging Cost

Every home is unique, so the cost is going to vary depending on what needs to be done to get it ready to show. A vacant property will need rental furniture and accessories. An older outdated home might need contractors, or painters to come in and make repairs. Or, do you just need advice to declutter and possibly change the furniture around, then a couple hours would be all you need a stager for.

With staging the average cost can be anywhere from 1% to 3% of the asking price depending on the homes condition, a $300,000 home the staging costs is roughly about $3,000. This might seem high but remember home staging is an added value/investment. If a buyer sees a home that needs repairs, then they are going to lower your offer. Avoid this with staging preparations and get a return on your investment and maybe even more than expected.

Appearance is Everything

When a stager visits your home and property, every detail from curb appeal to that far corner in the back yard, from front entry door to rear exit and garage, basement to attic and everything in between is gone over in detail and recommendations are made.

A checklist for all these spaces is used, as your space is presented to potential buyers, so they can visualize themselves living in this space. This concept for multiple viewings can present an actual bidding war taking place.

Let Nadine come and help make this possible for you, as well.